Our signature dishes as fragments of a history made of possible dish with the dream that they can become tradition.

Mela Gras - 2015
(Mousse of Chicken Liver glazed in Annurca’s Apple Jelly with Valerian and Hazelnut)

Stickfish - 2015*
(Cod, Bell Pepper and Raspberry)

I dropped the Egg in the Garden - 2013

Materan Cappuccino - 2018
(Pasta in Legume Soup with Octopus and Coffee)

Acquerello Rice with Wild Mushrooms, Red Fruit and Canestrato Cheese - 2016

Wild Seabass in Olives Crust Carrots from Polignano
and Broth of White Chocolate with Vinegar - 2015

Pizza in “Black” - 2012
(Dedicated to Davide Scabin)

Zitoni with Meatroll and his Sauce - 2010

Lagane in two Textures, Black and White Chickpeas,
Clams and Parsley - 2009

Misery and Nobility - 2011
(Veal’s Fillet and Sweetbreads, Potatoes and Truffle, Aglianico and Ember)
My Interpretation of the Lucanian Lamb - 2012
(From Vitantonio to Passannante)

Pork Cheek by the Spoon in Amaro Lucano Sauce, Cruschi, Pumpkin
and Pistacchi from Stigliano - 2013

Childhood Memories - 2015
(Milk, Bread, Sugar and....Balsamic Vinegar)

Like a Cigar - 2016
(Chocolate, Rhum, Orange and Tobacco)

Tasting Menù 5 Courses...€ 85
Tasting Menù 7 Courses...€ 100
Tasting Menù 9 Courses...€ 115
Tasting Menù 12 Courses...€ 130

In an ancient land once called Matera, under the sea and now covered with the Murgia, we found pulses that give life to new creation.

Tagliolini of the King Shepard*
(Milk, Lime, Spring Onion and Caviar Osetra)

(Scallop, Capocollo Ham, Cauliflower, Vanilla and Yuzu)

Autumn’s snow
(Bread and Turnips Cream, Burrata Cheese and Anchovies)

Raviolo of Liquid Ricotta with Sea Urchin,
Cinnamon and Yellow Tomatoes

Spaghettone from Gragnano with Carbonara Sauce,
Shrimp, Bread with Crusko and Orange

Rabbit with Tuna Sauce, Variation of Giardiniera and Ginger

Risotto Acquerello with Grana Padano Riserva, Salty Caramel,
Cashew and Truffle

(Calamaro, Lamb Sweetbreads, Pezzente Salami, Artichokes and Liquorice)

Pigeon Bella Elena
(Pear, Chocolate Manjari, Horseradish and Spinach)

Thinking to Castagnaccio
(Chestnut’s Pie with Honey and Rosemary Ice Cream)

The Last Kiss
(Lemon, Capers, Almonds and Pomegranate)

Tasting Menù 5 Courses...€ 85
Tasting Menù 7 Courses...€ 100
Tasting Menù 9 Courses...€ 115
Tasting Menù 12 Courses...€ 130

Tasting Menù must be intended the same for the whole tablebr/> With the * are signed the dishes that are “single Bite”
In the 5,7 and 9 Menù one of the course must be a Dessert or a cheese selection

Selection a la Carte

You can choose freely between the 2 tasting Menù
and the dessert List: 3 Courses per person
€ 85

The Goodies

Watch of Local Cheese € 15
Painting of selectioned Cured Meat € 15


Monte Crusko - 2012 € 15
Childhood’s Memories: Bread, Milk, Sugar and… Balsamic Vinegar - 2015 € 15
Tower of Chocolate, Strawberry and Mascarpone on Strawberry and Aglianico Sauce - 2013 € 15
Thinking to Castagnaccio: Chestnut’s Pie with Honey and Rosemary Ice Cream € 15
The Last Kiss: Lemon, Capers, Almonds and Pomegranate € 15
Like a Cigar: Chocolate, Rhum, Orange and Tobacco € 15