In a Land once under the Sea and now covered by the Murgia, we think with the Heart, Eat with the Head and cook with the Belly in a continue search for the impossible......

Tagliolini of the King Shepard- Matera Capital 2019
(Milk, Lime, Spring Onion and Caviar Osetra)

Tuna Tartare in Crapiata Cracker, Smoked Oil Crumbs and Red Onion Ice Cream

Summer Cialledda
(Bread, Watermelon, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Friggitelli Pepper, Octopus and Gin)

Drone View of the Murgia
(Fava Beans, Chicory, Oyster and Green Apple)

Steccafisso - 2015
(Cod, Peppers e Rospbarries)

I dropped the Egg in the Garden - 2013

Pasta with Potatoes, Lobster and Summer Truffle

Sweet Liquid Ricotta Ravioli with Sea urchins, Cinnamon and Yellow Tomatoes - 2018

Risotto with Burrata Cheese, Figs and Anchovies

Orecchiette Mare e Monti
(Broad of Fish, Cardoncelli Mushrooms, Pezzente Sausage and Ricotta Cheese Ice Cream)

Pizza in Black - 2012
(Dedicated to Davide Scabin)

Sea Bass in Crusted Black Olives, Occhipinti Beans and White Chocolate Water with Vinegar - 2017

Zitoni with Meat Ragu and its Sauce - 2010

Suckling Pig with Tuna Sauce
(Spinach, Hollandish Sauce and Katsuobushi)

Interpretation of Lucanian Lamb - 2014
(from Vitantonio to Passannante)

Misery and Nobility - 2011
(Veal’s Fillet and Sweetbreads, Potatoes and Truffle, Aglianico and Ember)

From Gravina to Banksy
(Gravina ball Cheese, Strawberries and Pistachios)

Monte Crusko - 2012

Like a Cigar.......
(Chocolate, Grappa, Apricots and Tobacco)

Chocolate Tower, Wild Berries and Mascarpone - 2013

The Last Kiss
(Lemon, Capers, Almonds and Pomegranate)

Percoca Peach Sorbet, Aglianico Honey and Almond Crumble with Ginger - 2016

Tasting Menu Heart 5 Courses     Euro 140

Wine Pairing Euro 60

Tasting Menu Head 7 Courses Euro 170

Wine Pairing Euro 70

Tasting Menu Belly 10 Courses Euro 200

Wine Pairing Euro 90


The choice of the tasting menu is intended for all the guests at the table