In a Land once under the Sea and now covered by the Murgia, we think with the Heart, Eat with the Head and cook with the Belly in a continue search for the impossible......

 Tagliolini of the King Shepard- Matera Capital 2019
(Milk, Lime, Spring Onion and Caviar Osetra)

Pignata 3.0
(Sheep tartare, sea urchins, almonds and pecorino cheese)

Tuna Tataki with Nduja, Persimmons, Oil Crumbs and Vegetabre Puntarelle 

Drone View of the Murgia – 2018
(Fava Beans, Chicory, Oyster and Green Apple)

I dropped the Egg in the Garden – 2013

Pizza in Black – 2012
(Dedicated to Davide Scabin)

Cappuccino Materano in Ducasse Style
(Cavatelli Pasta with  Legume Soup, Mussel Foam and Coffee)

Spaghettone Pasta in Citrus Carbonara, Crusko Bread Peppers, Shrimp

Roasted Turnip and Sausage Ravioli with Pear and Wasabi

Acquerello Rice with Grana Padano Cheese, Peanuts,

Salted Caramel and Truffle – 2015

Zitoni Pasta with Meat Ragu and its Sauce – 2010

Amberjack  with Black Olives, Artichokes, Liquorice and White Chocolate and Vinegar

Suckling Pig with Tuna Sauce
(Spinach, Hollandish Sauce and Katsuobushi)

Interpretation of Lucanian Lamb – 2014
(from Vitantonio to Passannante)

Misery and Nobility – 2011
(Veal’s Fillet and Sweetbreads, Potatoes and Truffle, Aglianico and Ember)

Pigeon in Three Parts
(Pumpkin, Crusco Pepper, Pistachios, Amaro Lucano)

Cheese Selection whit Fruit

Monte Crusko – 2012

Dolce Bosco
(Cardoncelli Mushrooms Ice Cream, Hazelnuts, Berries, Chocolate and Vinegar)

Childhood memories – 2015
(Bread, Milk, Sugar and… Balsamic)

Like a Cigar…….
(Chocolate, Grappa, Apricots and Tobacco)

The Last Kiss
(Lemon, Capers, Almonds and Pomegranate)


Tasting Menu Heart 5 Courses   Euro 140
Wine Pairing Euro 60

Tasting Menu Head 7 Courses Euro 170
Wine Pairing Euro 70

Tasting Menu Belly 10 Courses Euro 200
Wine Pairing Euro 90

The choice of the tasting menu is intended for all the guests at the table