Starting from Our Classics and Continuing the Search for the New, We Cultivate the Dream of Creating a Dish That May One Day Become Tradition.

Tagliolini of the King Shepard - Matera 2019
(Milk, Lime, Spring Onion and Caviar Osetra)

Drone View of the Murgia
(Fava Beans, Chicory, Oyster and Green Apple)

Summer’s Cialledda
(Bread, Watermelon, Tomato, Onions, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Octopus, Gin)

Stickfish - 2015
(Cod, Red Peppers and Raspberry)

I dropped the Egg in the Garden - 2013

Liquid Ricotta Raviolo with Sea Urchins, Cinnamon and Yellow Tomato

Spaghettone di Gragnano in Carbonara with Orange, Shrimps and Crusco

Acquerello Rice with Cacio, Mussels, Chamomile

Pizza in “Black” - 2012
(Dedicated to Davide Scabin)

Sea bass in Ferrandina Olive Crust on Occhipinti beans and White Chocolate
Water with Vinegar

Suckling Pig with Red Tuna, Asparagus, Hollandish Sauce and Bottarga

Interpretation of the Lucanian Lamb - 2012
(From Vitantonio to Passannante)

Misery and Nobility - 2011
(Veal’s Fillet and Sweetbreads, Potatoes and Truffle, Aglianico and Ember)

Zitoni with Meatroll and his Sauce - 2010

Monte Crusko - 2012

Childhood’s Memories - 2015
(Bread, Milk, Sugar and... Balsamic Vinegar)

Tower of Chocolate, Strawberries and Mascarpone

The Last Kiss
(Lemon, Capers, Almonds and Pomegranate)

Tasting Menù 5 Courses...€ 90
Tasting Menù 7 Courses...€ 110
Tasting Menù 9 Courses...€ 130
Tasting Menù 12 Courses...€ 150

Wine Pairing

Wine Makes the Thoughts of Everyone Who Drinks it Trasparent.


Great Lucania - Four wine...€ 40

Italy - Five wine...€ 50

World - Six wine...€ 60


Three wine + 2 cocktail...€ 60

Tasting Menù must be intended the same for the whole tablebr/> With the * are signed the dishes that are “single Bite”
In the 5,7 and 9 Menù one of the course must be a Dessert or a cheese selection