Vitantonio Lombardo

Vitantonio Lombardo born in Basilicata, Savoia di Lucania, in 1979.

His was a journey through the best italian and international gastronomical court to learn modern techniques, taste refinement and creativity: Paolo Teverini, Gianfranco Vissani e Fabio Barbaglini his masters.

Finally, his brotherly friendship with Davide Scabin, based on mutual esteem, to whom Vitantonio dedicated Pizza in Black, tribute to his famous “Black is Black”.

Amongst his professional most important passage there is for sure the owning of his restaurant at the boundaries with Basilicata, which in the 2011, earned him the Michelin Star.

Star confirmed until 2017 that represent a starting point to do better instead of a finish line.

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Henceforth the choice to welcome the guest of the restaurant in Matera with triple faced menù: “Mat.era”, starting from the tradition, “Mat.eria”, startin from the territory and “VL” the initial letters of Vitantonio, the dish that made his story. Three Menus that share the goal of giving new sensations to the palate and to stimulate the senses in a course that goes from fish to meat, passing for the earth.