Vitantonio Lombardo Ristorante take the name from his Chef with the goal to communicate a strong feeling of familiarity, to give the feeling at each guest to feel as it was his home.
A grotto in the Rione Sassi left intentionally to his natural charme, on a project of architecht Alessandro Tortorelli and to Vitantonio’s wish that choosed Matera inspired by a place where the hollow and the convexity of the stone can create a timeless taste experience

The room are irregular, tufo is on sight alternated by elegant details in glass that they serve as divisory between the “grotto” room , a place with tables, large, with a sight on the kitchen, theatre of the day by day work of the Chef and his brigade, the “Cava” room, more intimate, a natural clima Cave, next to the wine cellar, a grotto at natural temperature, humidity and smell, that can be seen through a huge 5 meters high glass, shaped following the cave.
A thread of red marble on the floor guide to the tables to the ending part of the restaurant, where two wall of plants recalling the colours and the smells of the murgia materana, the very same in front of the restaurant entrance

Furniture are essentials to give focus to the table, wrapped in withe tablecloth and a lamp pointing on it to magnify the colors of every dish, like it shuld be for every masterpiece